TECH MINING RUSSIA, an international conference and exhibition of new technologies, began its work in 2019, holding its first event in December 2019 and making a name for itself in the mining industry. Since then, a number of sessions have been held on niche topics during TECH MINING ONLINE, with the involvement of specialists in each specific area to which the session is devoted, and the 2nd international conference TECH MINING RUSSIA 2020, which, due to the limitations associated with the pandemic, was held online. It was accompanied by our new innovative product – the virtual 3D exhibition TECH MINING EXPO. This platform regularly hosts webinars on various topics.
This year, TECH MINING RUSSIA 2021 returns to the real world and will be held in Moscow on September 9-10, 2021.

Tech Mining Russia


Increasing brand awareness

High-quality networking in the format of a private event and with the full support of the organizers

Strengthening the leadership position in your field and your connections with industry peers

New regular clients and long-term contracts for your company


Why Tech Mining Russia?

The TECH MINING RUSSIA conference and exhibition is significantly different from other business events. At large exhibitions with a large number of visitors, you are at your exhibition stand and can network with those who came up to you, it is difficult to identify the people you need at the exhibition.

If you participate in any conference, it generally involves your independent work with other participants, you depend on how busy you and others are going to be.

TECH MINING RUSSIA takes a different approach. The event has a closed format and a strong focus on networking. The organizers of the event take on a part of your work and prepare business meetings and negotiations with the conference participants for you. This format significantly increases the chances of high-quality communication and further partnership.

We are already known in the industry, why should we participate?

Leadership in their industry is a merit of a company that cannot be denied. In order to stay in the leading position and generate interest from your existing or potential customers you need to continuously find new points of contact with them.

In any field, leading companies have competitors who will attend business events, even if their brand awareness is already high. It is important to avoid situations where competitors can talk to your clients and discuss cooperation while you are not attending an event. Also, there are always mining companies that know you well, but for various objective reasons, you are not yet partners. Meetings at business events, where you can communicate in both formal and informal settings, are very helpful in finding an opportunity to start cooperation.

Will a presentation from our company be interesting for participants?

A presentation at the conference is the best opportunity to tell all the participants of the event about your proposal, especially if you are launching a new product on the market. In fact, this is an early start for your negotiations. You know why your product is better than others, how it will help mining companies, what problem it will solve, how much work it will save. This is valuable information that needs to be communicated to as many market participants as possible, and business events are the best way to do this.

Unlike many events, at TECH MINING RUSSIA all delegates participate in the business program, which means that there are specialists present on the issues discussed at the conference, and you have direct contact with them.

Why do most participants come back year after year?

It’s simple – you come to us because we help you find new partners. The value of our event for its participants is high, they can consolidate existing ties with partners and start new, long-term cooperations. The format of communication at the event allows you to qualitatively discuss your proposal and further partnership.

Tech Mining Russia